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Mother of twin 2 year old boys writes…

Hi Christina,

I am writing to thank you for making the Praise in Motion songs!! I have 2 year old twin boys here and they absolutely LOVE your songs. It is so amazing to see how your videos get them so involved! They learn, sing, and dance to the songs, and it really holds their attention (unlike other children’s praise songs videos that I have tried!). We have so much fun together!!

I found your videos on youtube while searching for songs to teach my Sunday School class. I have 10-15 2-year-old children in my class each week and I have been desperately trying to find something FUN to occupy their time for 2 hours each week. There is only so much coloring and story-telling that a person can do with that many little ones before it gets boring. We need more group activities and your Praise in Motion DVD seems like it will be perfect for my class.

I just ordered the DVD set and I can hardly wait to try it in class next Sunday. I just know that it is going to be a big hit!!

God Bless You!!

Kathy Ray