Hi Christina,

I am writing to thank you for making the Praise in Motion songs!! I have 2 year old twin boys here and they absolutely LOVE your songs. It is so amazing to see how your videos get them so involved! They learn, sing, and dance to the songs, and it really holds their attention (unlike other children’s praise songs videos that I have tried!). We have so much fun together!!

I found your videos on youtube while searching for songs to teach my Sunday School class. I have 10-15 2-year-old children in my class each week and I have been desperately trying to find something FUN to occupy their time for 2 hours each week. There is only so much coloring and story-telling that a person can do with that many little ones before it gets boring. We need more group activities and your Praise in Motion DVD seems like it will be perfect for my class.

I just ordered the DVD set and I can hardly wait to try it in class next Sunday. I just know that it is going to be a big hit!!

God Bless You!!
Kathy Ray

I am recently retired. I have an 18 month old great niece that sits in my lap and we watch the youtube clips. My sister has taught her the songs, she does not talk much but makes all the movements on “This little light of mine”. Naturally we think she is so cute. So I thought that if that was good, how great would it be to have the DVD so she can watch it on a larger screen TV. Her brother and sister go to a church school and can help her with the songs.

Keep up the good job.
Larry L. Shumate

I heard of your songs from Lilyband, so I went to check them out for my grandson who is 23 months old. He fell in love with your songs. He sat on my lap as I played them. He couldn’t get enough. We sat at the computer for 2 hours and watched you on you tube.

Since that day–every morning he tells me, ‘more’. So, I ordered the 2 dvd set. Until it arrives, every morning we are at the computer watching and singing. Thank you. I see how your songs minister to his lil spirit, daily. What a blessing.

Thank you,
Delila Rescorla

I am a former elementary music teacher and a licensed Kindermusik TM teacher. I taught music at my daughter’s church preschool last year. The Praise In Motion collection of songs and motions/dances were fabulous. The kids begged for the songs on these video and audio collections. I am now purchasing a second copy of my own to use with my music students who are not involved in my Kindermusik TM classes.


We are grandparents to a set of boy/girl twins! Very active little people who just turned two years. We are the daycare providers/grandparents for them as our daughter is a public health RN. Having tried for months to find an appropriate TV program, video, movie or cartoon that they would watch, I thought I would never find anything to entertain them. My good friend and neighbor found Praise In Motion. I knew I would like it but I did not know if the twins would sit down long enough to watch it. Well, praise the Lord, it was a hit with them. They have not decided to do the motions yet because they love the music and watching. Right now, their favorite is “Duckie Doodle” (Six Little Ducks), They will sway and move their bodies to the music and SMILE!


This music is a God-send. The kids can be bouncing off the walls, we put the video on and they start singing and doing the motions.

Sunday School Teacher of 4 & 5 year-olds, Calvary Chapel, Sarasota, FL

My two-year-old loves the video. It was amazing to see how it reached out to her and she automatically joined in with the kids having fun. I think this video gives each child a “mini” Sunday School lesson. It is fun and educational.

Sheila Neal

Josh started watching it when he was one and a half. He was actually going to the entertainment center and pulling the video case out and asking us to play it for him. He was singing the songs and doing the motions within a week. He is totally focused and doesn’t walk away.

Michelle Rioux

Jake and Jessica absolutely love “Praise in Motion”. They sit and watch an entire chapter (12 songs), which is unusual for 19 month-old children. When they tap on the TV and say “Music”, it means they want to see “Praise in Motion”–and they want it NOW!

Marti Wile

Hi Christina,

I just had to send you a short note telling you how much I enjoy watching and listening to your Praise in Motion series.

I am a 58 year old man with the love of Jesus in my heart with 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren and can only pray that someday they could watch and enjoy your ministry as much as I do. Both of my daughters have not yet had the wonderful experience of letting God and Jesus into their hearts.
Unfortunately they were not raised in a Christian atmosphere which was my fault, however I have been using my new faith and of course my love for music to slowly introduce them and their families to what the meaning of the bible and faith in God has to offer.

I believe I’ve always had God in my heart but it took 58 years and many ups and downs to realize how important it is to have him in my mind, body and soul as well.

Thank you for what you do, you are a “Ray of Sunshine”, as I can see that on the faces of all the children in your videos.

Wes Cull